Carrolup Child Artists: Competition and Encouragement

Landscape by Parnell Dempster, pastel on paper, 29 x 37cm, c.1948. Donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program by Melvie, Stan and Gael Phillips, Berndt Museum of Anthropology, The University of Western Australia [1992/0113].

Soon after we started our Carrolup project, I interviewed my colleague John Stanton about a variety of elements of the story. In this film clip, John describes how the boys were rather secretive whilst doing their drawings. However, once they had finished a drawing, there was a collegial and encouraging discussion between the boys as they critiqued each other’s works.  This is what John was told by two of the artists—Parnell Dempster and Milton Jackson—in their later years.

In the book Child Artists of the Australian Bush, Mary Durack Miller, in association with Florence Rutter, writes:

They appeared to move and develop in a group, through a process of mutual interest, discussion, and criticism…’

You can hear more of John’s interview, and see other clips, by checking out The Carrolup Story YouTube channel.

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