Story and Community Engagement: Healing Trauma

The 1948 Carrolup School football team with their teacher, Noel White. The players include: Back Row: Revel Cooper (3rd from Left), Reynold Hart (6th from Left) and Ross Jones (7th from Left); Middle Row: Keith Indich (2nd from Right), Barry Loo (3rd from Right); Front Row: Parnell Dempster (Middle).

As John reported in yesterday’s blog, he and I gave presentations at the Centre of Native Title Anthropology (CNTA) Workshop at St. Catherine’s College, The University of Western Australia, on 8th May this year. This is the first time we have spoken together about our Carrolup project.

Here is my Powerpoint presentation, although I’ve added some additional slides to cover parts where I spoke whilst showing a photograph slide. The talk, entitled Using Story and Community Engagement to Facilitate Healing From Trauma, covered the following main topics:

  • My personal background;
  • Factors facilitating the healing of trauma;
  • Introduction to the Carrolup Story and some of the main characters;
  • An introduction to our project;
  • The Carrolup Story website;
  • Interactions with some of our audience;
  • Closing thoughts.

I hope you enjoy the talk.

Here is a pdf document of my presentation.

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