What an incredible resource you have collectively created… I was moved to tears going through the material. Simply awesome! A beautifully crafted site full of incredible material—story telling saves lives. I love this quote, 'We believe in a strengths-based, solution-focused approach to healing that celebrates success and cultivates positivity, acceptance and cultural pride. Positive Stories facilitate healing' – you have achieved this in bundles. I highly recommend that everyone out there explore The Carrolup Story. Dr Carlie Atkinson, CEO, We Al-li Programs, the leading Aboriginal healing program in Australia

Dr Carlie Atkinson

CEO, We Al-li Programs, the leading Aboriginal healing program in Australia

It is our history and yes, a very sad one at that. But a very important one that must not be forgotten and must be shared for there to be an understanding from all people of what happened and what has brought about the trauma, disconnectedness, broken hearts/lives etc… it is so important for our family, our community and for those who need to hear our stories to understand why we are here, where we are as a people now, and how we can walk together to bring about much needed healing in our communities, hearts & minds.

Wazza Jones

whose father Warrick Jones was at Carrolup, 1946-1950, and is also related to talented Carrolup artist Barry Loo (1940-1949)

Thank you so much David for these letters. I'm very tearful at the moment (tears of joy). You don't know how much these letters mean to me and my other four siblings. I'm forever grateful. We do not have a lot of information or many memories of our Dad's journey when he was young. God bless you and please keep in touch if you have any more findings.

Judy Ryder

whose father Cliff Ryder, one of the most talented artists, was at Carrolup in 1950

Most interested to hear of future plans for The Carrolup Story—and of the amazing possibilities that lie ahead. The website is already a unique website, yet you and team are aiming higher still—to create something new that combines the potential of modern technology with the long and direct experiences in your different fields to further heal and to expand hope, pride, purpose. Marvellous! In fact, what you're doing can't be said better than the way you say it: 'At its heart, our story is about the innate emotional needs of human beings, like feeling a sense of belonging. What happens if these needs are not satisfied? And what can happen if satisfaction of these needs is restored?' I like this line too: 'We are taking up her (Florence Rutter's) mantle, having in our possession far more powerful tools to tell, and disseminate, this enthralling and inspiring Story.' Meantime best wishes for your book. I'd like to be there for its launch!

Perpetua Durack Clancy

niece of historian and writer Mary Durack Miller, an important character in the story of Carrolup

Dear David & John, Thank you for the meeting today, 9/8/2019. Your time, support and all that you have done for myself and my family (Cliff Ryder's Artwork, Carrolup) is a blessing in disguise. I'm overwhelmed, excited and looking forward to meeting up with both of you soon. I will speak to other family members so they can meet you as well. As mentioned, I would like to gather the mob together and we meet in Goomalling with possibly a bar-b-que after, depending on the weather. Keep in touch and looking forward to working together with you both again. God Bless. Regards, Charon.

Charon Ryder

eldest child of Carrolup artist Cliff Ryder [The gathering took place and was enjoyed by all.]

Hi David, I'm so pleased with everything that you have sent me. So well presented. And l am so grateful to have this connection with you. And learning so much about my Mother's upbringing at Carrolup Mission. Would love to find out more if anything comes to light. And so looking forward to meeting yourself and John in the near future.

Cheryle Jones

whose mother Mildred Jones was at Carrolup, 1946-1949

It was awesome hearing John talk about the exhibits, with David's input from the side. I learnt so much about Carrolup and these young artists from spending a few hours with these gentlemen, so much more than I had ever known previously. I would like to thank those lovely gentlemen, David and John, for taking time out of their schedules to walk and talk me through the exhibits and their collection of photographs and other material. I'm looking forward to meeting them again.

Cheryle Jones

after spending time with David & John at the Berndt Museums Carrolup Revisited Exhibition held at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, University of Western Australia

I'm also looking forward to meeting you in person too, David. I love what you and John are doing. It's very much needed and our community and our people are needing this connection to the past to enable them to move on. Looking forward to having a conversation with you about it all.

Sandra Hill

Noongar artist

... thank you, David, for sharing these beautiful photographs and memorabilia…

Coni Coyne Jones

daughter of artist Ross Jones, who was at Carrolup from 1946 (or earlier) - 1950

Thanks David, that means a lot as does all your Carrolup work.

Dale Jones

whose father Warrick Jones was at Carrolup, 1946 - 1950, and is related to Carrolup artist Barry Loo (1940-1949)