‘The Carrolup Story’ YouTube Channel

John Stanton talks about the Garden of Memories that was established at one of the big reunions at Marribank.

I just wanted to remind people that we have a YouTube channel for The Carrolup Story which contains a variety of film clips on various topics. Over time, we will post blogs about these clips, but I thought it was good to remind you of the channel’s existence. Some of the areas covered by these clips include:

  • John Stanton talking about various aspects of the story of Carrolup (from an interview with me)
  • The trip to Colgate University taken by Athol Farmer and Ezzard Flowers and John to see the ‘re-discovered’ Florence Rutter Collection of Carrolup artworks
  • The return of a number of these artworks for an exhibition in Katanning in 2006
  • John and my visit to Carrolup at the end of 2008
  • Interviews with people associated with The Carrolup Story in one way or other, including Noelene White (Daughter of Noel and Lily White), Ezzard Flowers, Athol Farmer and Doris Flatt (one of Mrs Rutter’s daughters).

I’ll leave you with two clips of John and I during our last visit to Carrolup. In the second clip, a fly decides to interfere with my filming with an iPhone. Enjoy!

During the time that Noel White was teacher, Carrolup School was much more than just a school. It was a place of healing. David is deeply saddened by how the building and others at Carrolup are looking in such a sorry state.

John describes how at one time when Noel and Lily White were teachers, the children’s art covered virtually every reachable area of the main schoolroom. A fly intervenes and sits on the iPhone microphone.

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