Uncle Angus Wallam R.I.P.

Uncle Angus Wallam R.I.P. at Carrolup during filming for the video taken as a gift by Ezzard Flowers, Athol Farmer and John Stanton to the President of Colgate University (USA), Professor Rebecca Chopp. Angus was at Carrolup during the time Noel White was teacher, but did not attend the school.

I had a bit of a breakthrough recently, as I have wanted to put a post on The Carrolup Story of the video-recording from back in 2005 of the late Uncle Angus Wallam sending a message to the President (Vice-Chancellor) of Colgate University.

This was at the time that Ezzard Flowers and Athol Farmer and I were sent to Hamilton, New York State, to inspect the ‘missing’ collection of Noongar child art from Carrolup. This had been only recently rediscovered by my close friend and colleague, Howard Morphy, from the Australian National University in Canberra.

The problem was, I had only the DVD I created. Not a digital version of the edited video. But how to convert it so we could put it on our YouTube channel?

Spurred on by completing the final proof-reading of David Clark‘s forthcoming book on the Carrolup Story, ‘Connection: Aboriginal Child Artists Captivate Europe’, I googled the Web to find out how I could convert the DVD, retro-convert it if you like, and I located a program that would do this, and it was free.

It took just five minutes to convert a 9 minute DVD to .mov format.

Of course you can’t do this with DVD commercial movies and the like, as they are protected.

But if any of you have DVDs that you want to convert to a ‘live’ (and editable) digital format, I would recommend this app. You will need a laptop of course.

The product is called Prism, and is distributed by :-


Watch Uncle Angus talk about the old days at Carrolup, and play famously his harmonica!

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