The Indigenous world view vs. Western world view

Aboriginal art in the Northern Territory, Australia. Photograph by David Clark.

Below, is a powerful five and a half minute video entitled Enoughness: Restoring Balance to the Economy which contrasts Indigenous and Western world views. This video is becoming increasingly relevant given what is happening in society today. Here is how it starts:

‘How we see the world determines how we act. The Western philosopher Hobbes saw humans as engaged in a war with each other over resources making our lives solitary, poor, nasty, broodish and short. This view of the individual, fearful, working alone, in competition with others, now dominates Western philosophical tradition.

In Indigenous philosophy, we are all related as individuals as part of a kinship-based community and, as part of nature, in balance with the whole.

In most Western thought, society is seen as an aggregate of self-interested individuals connected by competition with each other over limited resources, creating fear, insecurity, hopelessness, a scarcity of spirit.

Indigenous societies sees prosperity in nature; resources are abundant, shared, collaboration fosters environmental stewardship and balance with nature…’

A really interesting and thought-provoking film.

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